Five Reasons Rolex Guys Love Rolex Fake Watches According to Reginald Brack

Christie’s International Head of Retail for Watches, Reginald Brack, on why true vintage Rolex collectors know it’s about more than just the crown. Some vintage replica Rolex watches collectors love Patek Philippe. Some love Panerai. Some love all kinds. But Rolex is among the world’s most recognisable luxury brands because those who love Rolex tend to get a little obsessed. Below are just a few reasons.


1) They’re purpose-built

Rolex really is considered the original ‘tool watch.’ Vintage Rolex collectors love the romantic notion that so many of the classic models were created for specific, functional purposes — and often very adventurous ones — not simply as jewellery or decoration. The GMT-Master, for example, was created at Pan-Am’s request for its pilots, who were experiencing a new phenomenon called jet-lag. They wanted a watch that told time for two time zones at once. Likewise, the Submariner was made specifically for divers. The Milgauss was introduced in the 1950s for people who worked amid highly electro-magnetic environments, like early nuclear research labs. It was an anti-magnetic watch that could withstand one thousand ‘gauss,’ which is a measure of magnetism, hence the name, Milgauss (literally, ‘thousand gauss’). It was unusual for someone to wear watches like these in civilian life back when they were created. But wearing them for everyday use eventually became cool, and remains so to this day.

2) Details, details

Vintage Rolex collectors love the nuances of the various dials, bezels, crown guards, and other features that vary so widely even for specific models, and which can add so much to the value and collectibility of a wholesale replica Rolex watches. These nuances, like an ‘underline’ dial, an ‘exclamation’ dial, or a ‘Bart Simpson’ dial (models made very briefly during the 1960s, where the Rolex coronet insignia is flatter with shorter tines, resembling Bart Simpson’s hair) can boost a watch’s value enormously. Suddenly a $5,000 watch is worth $50,000, all because of a tiny detail.

3) It’s OK to accessorize

Rolexes are versatile in ways that many other haute horology brands are not. Changing the entire look and feel of a vintage Rolex can be as simple as popping off of a bracelet and adding a super cool Italian leather strap or a nylon NATO strap. One watch can so easily become many different watches simply by accessorizing. The latest trend is to swap in a hand-stitched Italian distressed leather or suede strap; real Rolex aficionados love to add a vintage Rolex tang buckle to complete that vintage look. It’s all about the way it looks. Accessorizing isn’t a faux pas with many vintage Rolexes because that’s how so many were originally sold. Back when some of these watches were new, authorized dealers would happily change a bracelet to a strap upon request in the store, or change an oyster bracelet to a jubilee bracelet. Some of these watches were literally delivered to their owners with a strap, whereas they left the factory with a bracelet. That’s not the case for most other fine watchmakers.

4) Their value just keeps growing

Vintage Rolexes have strong intrinsic value and we only see those values rising for examples in good condition. Rolex collectors get excited to own a wearable investment, which is really what vintage Rolex has turned into — particularly with sport models like the Submariner, the Daytona, and the Explorer. Those are models that continue to grow in value faster and steadier than most other existing classic Replica Rolex Cellini watches. In general, the dressier Rolexes don’t gain value as quickly as the sport models, but there are exceptions. Super rare dress models like the elusive stainless steel Day Date are valued in the several hundred thousand dollar range.

5) They’re tough

Sport Rolexes were created for rugged use. They’re inherently durable. So the wearer really does not have to worry about wearing these fake Rolex watches, using these watches, enjoying these watches. They’ll survive for generations simply because the cases and movements were created for heavy use in extreme conditions. The Rolex Explorer, for example, was created to be exceptionally robust, with special lubricants in the movement that could withstand extreme changes in temperature. Rolex specifically had high-altitude mountain climbers in mind, who might see hundred degree temperature changes between day and night. One of the Explorer’s immediate forebears, an Oyster Perpetual chronometer (likely a reference 6084) accompanied Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay on the first summit of Mount Everest in 1953. It survives in working condition today at the Beyer Watch and Clock Museum in Zürich.

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At Baselworld 2015, latest Rolex replica watches enthusiasts caught a glimspe of Harry Winston’s artistic side with the Midnight Feathers Automatic. But they saw another side of the brand, with the latest addition to Project Z timepieces by Harry Winston, a collection launched in 2004, designed to display its highly technical skills with next-generation materials. Keeping in line with the previous eight models of Harry Winston’s Project Z, the new Project Z9 timepiece showcases a case made completely of Zalium, a new ultra-light and non-allergic material.

Harry Winston Project Z9 Watch in zalium Baselworld 2015

The skeletonised dial is an open-worked 3D grid that extends up and over the inner bezel ring in the direction of the indexes. The two raised blue-painted chronograph counters highlight this even more, while blue-emission Superluminova brightens the dial at night. Further, the changing colours of the open-work date disk in the background indicate whether it is night or day showing a white colour during daytime and turning blue at night.

The black galvanic dial has 30-minute and 12-hour counters for the flyback chronograph complication. Due to the Replica Rolex Day Date II watches flyback function, it is unnecessary to halt the chronograph to start a new timing sequence, as a simple press of the pusher at 4 o’clock resets the hands. Small seconds are indicated in Shuriken style, while the date is indicated at 6 o’clock. The iconic Harry Winston geometrical motif is visible through the skeletonized white gold oscillating weight.

Harry Winston Project Z9 Watch in zalium Baselworld 2015 Back

Unexpectedly, the large 44.2mm case is very comfortable when worn, because of the new lightweight material it is presented in. In terms of wearability, its sports-like exterior gives a refined look to the high-tech Project Z9 timepiece. The Zalium case also has unique colour, a dark grey hue, making it look totally different from other timepieces on the market for men. Shot-blasted edges with satin-finished surfaces give the case an edgy look.

The Project Z9 premieres caliber HW3304, a new high-frequency movement made in-house. Beating at a frequency of 5 Hz, the movement is quipped with a silicon balance-spring. The new in-house caliber promises a 50-hour power-reserve. A Black rubber strap with Clou de Paris hobnail motif seals the sporty yet refined look of the Rolex replica watches wholesale. Harry Winston’s Z9 comes in a limited edition of 300 pieces worldwide.

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When in 2011 Kering became the new owner of Sowind, and with it the Girard-Perregaux and JeanRichard brands, the French multinational sent its Trojan Horse into Swiss replica Rolex watchmaking. Ulysse Nardin is its latest catch.

The number of independent watch manufacturers is dwindling fast, particularly among those which, by dint of their size, struggle to keep pace with the industry’s giants. In other words, more eggs are finding themselves in fewer baskets, as the recent takeover of Ulysse Nardin by Kering (formerly PPR) shows. The French multinational announced its latest acquisition at end July when it published its half-year figures. With sales estimated by Banque Vontobel at CHF 230 million and annual production in the region of 25,000 Rolex replica watches, Ulysse Nardin sits just below the likes of Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet or Chopard, companies for which independence goes hand-in-hand with a strong market presence.

After Corum, which last year switched to Chinese interests, now it’s Ulysse Nardin’s turn to change hands. Established in 1846, the company was taken over by Rolf Schnyder in 1983, an entrepreneur who successfully positioned the brand, not least thanks to early investment in production and next-generation technologies: Ulysse Nardin was one of the very first Replica Rolex Super Ocean watchmakers to master silicon, used to manufacture parts for the regulating organ, for example. When Rolf Schnyder died suddenly in 2011, Ulysse Nardin was bereft of its soul and mentor. Mr Schnyder had put his shares in a foundation as a means to ensure the company’s longevity and independence. Clearly this wasn’t enough: other options had to be taken into consideration, and last spring the first persistent rumours were heard as to a possible takeover.

A reasonable price

That Kering should be the one to acquire the brand comes as no surprise: the group has never been coy about its intentions to bolster its watch and jewellery business. Indeed, a newly created Luxury – Watches and Jewellery Division has been placed under the stewardship of Albert Bensoussan. Previously with LVMH, he spearheaded Louis Vuitton‘s expansion into Fine Watchmaking. Until now, Kering had concentrated on reinforcing its presence in jewellery, with the takeover these past two years of Pomellato, Dodo and Qeelin, which come alongside Boucheron. Kering’s first steps in watchmaking go back to 2011 when it acquired Sowind, which presides over the Girard-Perregaux and JeanRichard brands. Michele Sofisti was appointed to oversee restructuring within the entity. Mission accomplished, so it would seem, as this coming November Mr Sofisti will reprise his duties at the head of Gucci Timepieces (Gucci, one of Kering’s flagship luxury brands, posted disappointing first-half results with revenue dropping almost 5%).

The group, chaired by François-Henri Pinault, was nonetheless far from satisfied with its presence in the Rolex replica watches online store segment and entered into talks to acquire Richard Mille, although negotiations were cut short in summer 2013 at an advanced stage. Following Kering’s successful bid for Ulysse Nardin, it was announced that Chai Schnyder and Patrick Hoffmann would remain in place as Chairwoman and CEO respectively. The company, which is headquartered in Le Locle, in the Swiss canton of Neuchâtel, will benefit from much greater exposure in its new owner’s hands. Knowing that communication and marketing spend must equal 10% of sales, at a conservative estimate, to position a brand solidly on international markets, Ulysse Nardin has found the means to grow. Kering will also be looking to secure a return on the takeover, which it paid thirteen times operating profit. This is, say analysts, a perfectly reasonable price in view of the brand’s manufacturing independence and its aura among fans.