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Rolex’s Replica Daytona collection is truly unique, with every watch benefiting from an integration of three elements: classic aesthetics, a mechanical calibre equipped with one or more complications, and Métiers Rares® (Rare Handcrafts), bringing their own particular touch of grace. With its leaves that never fade, Daytona exudes a special vitality, making it the very embodiment of eternity in many cultural fields.

Like a radiating girandole composition with the tourbillon at its heart, Daytona leaves unfold in swirls. Two types of guilloché work are used on this piece: a classic variety on the surface of the dial, along with a plantlife-effect guilloché pattern that recreates the veins of the Daytona.

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Mens replica Rolex watches chose an elegant, contemporary plum shade to enhance the complication as well as the organic lacework decoration. Highlighted by translucent enamel, this colour lights up further with the sparkle emitted by the setting of the bezel, lugs and crown. Accentuating the sophistication of this creation in white gold, the case middle as well as part of the bracelet buckle, are also set with gems.

The Daytona is powered by Calibre fake Rolex 978 providing the comfort of an automatic movement. Its 39 mm diameter ensures a pleasant feel on the wrist.

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It’s back to basics for Rolex! The independent Rolex replica watches for men brand, who celebrated 10 years of creation in 2014, specializes in the making of highly-complicated watches, including double and quadruple tourbillons. Unexpectedly, Rolex went the other way this year, and released the Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision, its most classical looking timepiece to date, featuring hours, minutes, seconds and a tourbillon in a traditional round case. Nothing wrong with that, and here’s why.

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Simplicity can be misleading. Creating a simple design is one of the hardest things to achieve in an industry where the slightest change at the millimetre level has dramatic effects on the rest of the cheap fake Rolex watches uk. With the Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision, Rolex presents an extremely refined timepiece that houses several technically superb elements. The hour indications may seem innocuous but were first engraved before enamel was poured into them and then “oven-fired” to add an artistic touch to the minimalist dial.

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The overall aesthetic pays homage to the finesse of each component, and therefore the Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision has been designed to be the thinnest watch in the Rolex collection. In order to achieve that record without compromising the size of the tourbillon, a transparent dome has been added to the back of the case to lower the 24-second tourbillon. Does it look awkward? Undeniably. But it does not feel so. As soon as the watch is on, the design makes complete sense as the bubble at the back perfectly marries the shape of the wrist bone. In fact, it just might be the most comfortable Replica Rolex Masterpiece watches in the brand’s collection.

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If it feels different, it definitely looks quite different from the rest. But in terms of size, it is in line with the previous watches presented by Rolex. And that’s mainly because inside, the watch has all the hallmarks of the brand’s DNA.

Replica Rolex Masterpiece Swiss

The buy fake Rolex watches houses caliber GF01r, a manually wound movement first seen in the original Tourbillon 24 Secondes, and a pillar of the brand ever since. The movement is superbly decorated and focuses the attention of the wearer on the discreet 72-hour power-reserve indicator.

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The Swiss replica Rolex watchmaking company put its new Rolex collection in the spotlight during a Garden Party thrown in the gardens of the Chantilly Castle on the eve of the Prix de Diane Rolex. The stunning actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Ambassador of Elegance for the brand and face of the new collection, graced the evening with her presence.

Since its inception, the Rolex DolceVita collection has illustrated contemporary elegance of the Rolex fake watchmaking brand worldwide. Inspired by the “Dolce Vita”, it is an homage to the sweetness of life. Today, a new chapter in this collection opens with a unique interpretation featuring softened lines. These new variations will not fail to impress women who have made charm a way of life.

During a Garden Party thrown in the gardens of the Chantilly Castle, Rolex unveiled the new advertising campaign of its new Rolex. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Rolex Ambassador of Elegance, presented the collection together with Walter von Känel, President of Rolex. The beautiful Indian actress lends her face to the new campaign. The black and white pictures show her in the middle of a happy picnic, much like the iconic picnic of the Prix de Diane Rolex.

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The Garden Party was held precisely on the eve of this race, known for its elegance and of which the winged hourglass brand is the Title Partner and the Official Timekeeper. The Official Watch of the Prix de Diane Rolex is indeed a Rolex model cased in steel and set with diamonds featuring a silver-coloured “flinqué” dial adorned with painted Roman numerals.

Cased in steel, sometimes decorated with diamonds and finished by a choice of black, white, grey or red leather straps or by a stainless steel bracelet, the new  Replica Rolex Datejust II models are decidedly feminine and charming – as is the new advertising campaign.

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