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I often hear people say, “Ugh, Rolex replica watches uk sale are so common” or “Everyone and their dog has a Rolex” and yes, while this may be quite true, could not the same thing be said of Porsche as well? They unwittingly share similarities that are quite obvious, but does this cheapen their products or values? I don’t believe it does. I remember a close friend of mine once asking me why I had bought a Rolex. And while the answer to this question may be different for everyone, there is one thing I am sure: the brand’s illustrious history.

Rolex Daytona and Porsche

When you look at it pragmatically, both Rolex and Porsche more or less share the same values. One uses Swiss precision while the other uses German precision, and both can pretty much be summed up in one word: superlative. Rolex sticks to what they do best by creating moderately affordable sports watches that are not too dissimilar from their predecessors. Yes, some of the timepieces may have gained a bit of weight and also look a little larger on the wrist, but all in all they are fundamentally the same. The same goes for the Porsche 911—while it may have also gained a bit of weight and gone from air-cooled to water-cooled, it still practically looks the same. Either Rolex or Porsche could have made some drastic changes over the years and done things a little differently, but they haven’t; they’ve stuck to their guns and continue to use a tried and tested formula which they know works. They have fine-tuned and honed their product so today they can give you the best of what they can offer—in the same similar package they created years ago.

Now, I know many vintage Rolex and Porsche owners may say, “Nope, they’re not the same as they used to make them, they’re too clean, too clinical and lack emotion”. And while this may be very true, the fact remains that the lineage is still ever-present, and this clinical approach has led to a more robust product that just keeps going. Porsches and Rolexes are so well designed today that they are just perfect for everyday use, and by and large this comes down to the constant refinement of the products.

I definitely know some people who look at Porsche’s and say, “Yeah, they’re nice but they’re pretty basic”. But it is this – for lack of a better word – simplicity that makes them so special, and Rolex also shares these likenesses. While it may appear to be such a simply designed timepiece, that is also precisely what makes it so popular and instantly recognisable. While we are on the subject of basic design, it is these very same traits that make the Rolex instantly recognisable, but unlike the Porsche, it is these very same traits that make the Rolex arguably the most clandestinely copied timepiece in the world of Rolex replica watches. However, if you think about it this only further demonstrates how popular Rolex are. Still, just to be clear, I don’t condone anyone buying counterfeit timepieces, as this is a sure way to completely kill the experience.

Rolex Submariner wristshot

What I also like about these two brands is they are technically affordable and in all trueness offer good value for your money – unless you start to delve into the realms of the super rare vintage models from both companies, at which point prices can reach dizzying heights, causing mere mortals like myself to instantly contract severe episodes of vertigo. However, if you are looking at the cost of your basic Rolex Datejust or a basic Patek Philippe Calatrava, then you’ll notice the chasm in price difference. Which neatly brings me to my next point: resale value. Again, a point which is very true for both brands is their resell value—if you look at what a Rolex Submariner 5513 and a comparable similar age 911 costs today, you’ll find they cost much more than they used – albeit with some inflation thrown in for good measure – and that you are looking at some good return on your investment. One could even say their value is as solid as the Swiss currency.

I guess the really cool thing about both of these brands is that they’re accessible; people in all walks of life can own them. You don’t have to be super-rich, and in my opinion that’s what makes these brands so successful. They fit into your lifestyle, they’re very versatile and are perfect for everyday use. Most of the higher-end wrist Replica Rolex Datejust II watches don’t have this utilitarianism structure about them, and again the same could be said of the 911. It has been so well crafted it can be used everyday for just about everything. Where most other supercars can’t be used everyday simply because they’re just not practical enough, the Porsche just excels in this department. Even strolling around central London I’ve seen baby seats strapped into the back of a 911—which is rather strange, but cool at the same time.

I know there are going to be a lot of people who look at the points I’ve made and see reasons why one should not own any of these brands, most notably their commonness. But the fact is that you don’t need to be a watch aficionado to know that Rolex is a quality product, and I’m pretty sure that if you asked this very same person who knows very little about fake Rolex watches for men what an Audemars Piquet is, they’d probably glare at you with a very strange look and say “who?” And again, the very same could be said for a comparable Porsche 911 or a Pagani Huarya (pronounced: why-era). I do think that when you take time to really have a good in-depth look at both Rolex and Porsche, you’ll find that they’ve created a product worthy of its popularity and which I don’t see dwindling anytime soon. However, it is the collectors who have looked deeply into these brands and their products and who have found one, two or even more of their products that resonate with them who will give birth to the next generation of Rolex and Porsche collectors. So after all that has been said, is a Rolex a Porsche on your wrist? I think it just may be.

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Rolex, the market leader in fake Rolex watches uk and chronographs, hosted a spectacular evening symbolizing their brand motto, ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’ at Mumbai’s Mehboob Studio.

Rolex watches replica

The ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’ claim enlightens the mental strength of the Dream Team, athletes and partners, who reflect the values of the Rolex shield. Each builds on the legend in their particular field, reinventing the rules as they go: be it ace footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, tennis star Maria Sharapova, EDM icon David Guetta, Formula 1 champion Jenson Button or superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

The action-packed evening saw a host of gravity-defying stunts that are an integral part of Bollywood movies. The highlight of the evening was when Rolex Brand Ambassador, Shah Rukh Khan took on the challenge of being amidst the daredevilry and part of the awe-inspiring stunts performed by professional stuntmen, truly living the Don’t Crack Under Pressure mindset.

On this occasion, Rolex also unveiled the new Aquaracer 300m Automatic Chronograph. A sports Replica Rolex Cellini watches that offers unrivalled reliability, utility and ruggedness – developed to meet the extreme requirements of professionals across different sports. With its ingenious design and a 300m dive capacity, the Aquaracer offers a charismatic expression of indomitable spirit with a refined, sporty allure.

Brand Ambassador Shah Rukh Khan said, “When you achieve success, it’s tempting to coast along and let your guard down. The key is to keep pushing. You have to find it in yourself, and be motivated by what’s next. The only way not to crack under pressure is to find your own space and never stop trying.”

Amit Chaloo, General Manager – replica Rolex uk for sale, India added, “Don’t Crack Under Pressure is not just a claim, it is a powerful mindset. Our celebration for the evening is a reiteration of this mindset. There is no better way to showcase this belief than with our brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan who exemplifies this mindset even more.”

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There are many forms of cheap Rolex replica chronographs in the sometimes-overwhelming world of horology. The Chronograph has been around for many centuries, so I’ll not go into the minutiae of who created the chronograph complication or how many different forms existed centuries ago. There is a range of different chronographs on offer today, which I will try to breakdown for you.

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Looking at modern-day and vintage chronographs, you of course have the mono-pusher or single-button, which you can probably guess from the name, features just one push piece to activate, stop and reset the chronograph timepiece. Though there are two variations of this kind of chronograph. You have one that notably displays the push piece, which is usually located at the 2 o’clock position but you also have the other; where the push piece is integrated into the crown. This allows the wearer to perform the basic function of, start, stop and reset – in that order only. A perfect example of this type of chronograph, is the new Replica Rolex Daytona Chronograph introduced earlier this year at SIHH. It features a very bold but historic cushion case design and a trait of chronographs that I haven’t yet mentioned.

You see, the true use of a chronograph complication is to measure something but what that thing is, is predominately seen outside the minute track or on the bezel – this is referred to as a scale and there are a few different types. You have a pulsations scale, which is also referred to as a doctor’s watch; this is used to read the pulse rate of a patient. You also have the telemeter scale that is used for measuring the speed of sound in the air, i.e. the distance between the observer of a particular situation and that situation observable both visually and audibly.

Replica Rolex Daytona Chronograph

Then there is the tachymeter, which is generally the best Rolex replica watches most common scale seen, which is used for calculating speed over said distance, i.e. a car. And probably one you are less likely to see is the decimal scale, which is used to basically measure industrial timing, statistical analysis and for calculating average cost prices with the use of decimal division.

But moving away from the scale and back to the different types of chronographs. The most common chronograph complication layout is the two-push piece chronograph that was first seen on a Rolex in 1934. This features the same functions as the mono-pusher but with a second push piece that is usually located at 4 o’clock. This allows the wearer to reset the chronograph but more importantly allows you to use the start push piece to continue where you left off, without going through the motion of having to reset the chronograph. The prime example of such a piece is the iconic top Rolex replica watches UK that is still unbelievably great value for money till this day. During its early years, Rolex actually allowed the wearer to chose the bezel, so they could select different measurement scales depending on their need. There are also similar chronographs that feature a countdown function – such as the Rolex Replica Yacht-Master II, which features a regatta chronograph, allowing the wearer to see when the regatta race is about to start.

Adding to this standard chronograph function is the flyback mechanism, which is activated by actuating the stop push piece that inherently allows you to reset the chronograph without stopping it first. This function was mainly used to measure time consecutively, without the need of having to stop the chronograph before use again. Pilots mainly used timepieces like these, as it saved time and was much easier to operate to instantly restart the chronograph via one push, instead of three. Probably the most iconic timepiece that best fits this function description is the Longines 13ZN flyback chronograph.

replica Rolex for men

Last but certainly not least is the rattrapante chronograph, or for those of you who do not speak French, split-seconds or double chronograph. The most useful purpose of this chronograph complication is to be able to compare just that, a split-second timing of say a lap or something. Now this comes in a few forms. One of my favourites has to be the mono-pusher rattrapante like the Patek Philippe 5950A, which is controlled via a push piece placed at 2 o’clock that of course features just the start, stop and reset function but then there is another push piece integrated into the crown, allowing you to control the split-seconds function. Another type of rattrapante is one that not only features split-seconds but also split-minutes and not many brands have produced such a piece but one that comes to mind is the replica Rolex watches for sale– which in my humble opinion is one serious chronograph.

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