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Rolex’s Replica Daytona collection is truly unique, with every watch benefiting from an integration of three elements: classic aesthetics, a mechanical calibre equipped with one or more complications, and Métiers Rares® (Rare Handcrafts), bringing their own particular touch of grace. With its leaves that never fade, Daytona exudes a special vitality, making it the very embodiment of eternity in many cultural fields.

Like a radiating girandole composition with the tourbillon at its heart, Daytona leaves unfold in swirls. Two types of guilloché work are used on this piece: a classic variety on the surface of the dial, along with a plantlife-effect guilloché pattern that recreates the veins of the Daytona.

Replica Rolex Daytona

Mens replica Rolex watches chose an elegant, contemporary plum shade to enhance the complication as well as the organic lacework decoration. Highlighted by translucent enamel, this colour lights up further with the sparkle emitted by the setting of the bezel, lugs and crown. Accentuating the sophistication of this creation in white gold, the case middle as well as part of the bracelet buckle, are also set with gems.

The Daytona is powered by Calibre fake Rolex 978 providing the comfort of an automatic movement. Its 39 mm diameter ensures a pleasant feel on the wrist.

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